January 2011




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Jun. 15th, 2009

    The Good:
  • I have a new tattoo! That's six (well, technically, five-and-a-half because this one is to cover up a crappy, $20 tattoo that I got about three or four years ago).
  • I'm 23! (My b-day was this past Saturday.)
  • I had a great b-day!

    The Bad:
  • I've still got a cold.
  • My ankle is ridiculously swollen from the tattoo (it's located just above my ankle and the tendons and muscles are all stressed--for some reason, I have no idea why, tattoos tend to stress the muscles they're on when you first get them), from walking around downtown Little Rock after getting said tattoo Saturday night, and then from walking around Wal-Mart yesterday for a few hours. All made possible because it didn't heal right when I sprained it back in December.
  • I'm having to skip yoga tonight because of the swollen ankle.
  • Faylinn has heart worms. But we're taking care of her (getting her healthier and ready to take the treatments).

    The Ugly:
  • Nothing! My tattoo is so gorgeous it cancels out the swollen ankle.

Pretty tattoo )

Dec. 15th, 2008

Still Injured...

My whole foot is swollen. From my heel to my toes, the damn thing is swollen. Which is really annoying. I've been keeping it bound (with an ace bandage instead of that circulation-eliminating elastic strap the doctor gave me...I'd like to keep my toes, thanks) and elevated, icing it and taking the anti-inflammatories (and the pain pills). But it's still swollen--more so than it was when I actually sprained it. Also, parts of it are turning that deep, black-ish purple serious bruise color while others are just blue and a few others are just red. Have I mentioned I find this very annoying?

On the upside, I've been able to eliminate one of the crutches (which probably has something to do with the extra swelling, I know...). Also, pain pills. I'm very happy to have those. They make the hobbling around (and after-effects of hobbling around) manageable.

In other news, we have a Christmas tree! It's all pretty and decorated. But I didn't get to decorate it (*pouts*) because of the sprained ankle. So far, the pets have been good and haven't knocked over the tree. I mean, they've been chewing on the lower (empty) branches, which we discourage, but nothing else. Here's hoping that pattern holds.

Dec. 14th, 2008

I'm injured (again)

I sprained my ankle Friday afternoon. Well, technically speaking, it was a joint effort between me and Faylinn (my cute, new, puppy-dog). She's a bit rambunctious (as I've mentioned) and loves playing the backyard. Well, I'd taken her out back to play and do her business.

A little scene description is in order here. Our backyard is sort of sloping (the neighborhood we live in is a little cul-de-sac that slopes downward from the street it comes off of, and our house is near the bottom, but not in the circle part of the cul-de-sac). It also has a retaining wall in it, so part of the backyard is set a bit higher than the rest (though it does eventually even out on one side of our yard). On that retaining wall are some very attractive stone steps with some nice wrought iron(ish) railing. The steps are big enough for two people to walk down side-by-side (though not necessarily comfortably, depending on their sizes).

With all that said, Faylinn and I were on our way inside. I was using the steps, so she was using the steps. On the last step, I was stepping down and she bumped into me. Now, I have pretty bad ankles (lots of twisting and spraining and tearing tendons from bones have occurred in the past--I'm a klutzy person now and I was a tom-boy when I was a kid). So any little push in the wrong direction while I'm stepping and my ankles give the wrong way. Which is what happened. Faylinn pushed into me and my ankle gave inward and there was this painful, rather loud pop.

I'm glad I'd taken my cell phone outside with me because I called my mom to come and get me (and take me to the doctor). Because it's my right ankle that I've sprained this time and I can't drive without using that foot. So, she comes home, I've had ice on my ankle while I waited for her to get there (about 20 minutes). It's all swollen, but not just entirely black-and-blue (more like a sickly pastel blue and some magenta--I don't bruise very easily; I've broken bones and not really bruised any).

A few x-rays and a doctor visit later (where he tells me it's not broken, just sprained), I'm home with my ankle wrapped up and elevated. Also, I can't use it to walk on (it hurts waaay too much). So, I'm now hobbling around on crutches whenever I get up. The only upside to this whole ordeal are the nice pain killers I'm on--which are probably making me a little less-than-entirely-coherent, but are also taking the pain in my ankle away.