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Feb. 19th, 2008

Real Life...

My weekend was interesting. I got my nose broken by a baby that isn't even a year old. Jessie's son, Asher, head-butted me in the nose when I was holding him on Sunday, when Jess brought him over to visit. He's the sweetest, hyper-active-est thing. Really. I do love him (like a nephew or cousin or, you know, my best friend's son...). But the kid broke my nose. *whines pitifully* On the plus side, I'm doped up ("borrowing" painkillers from my mom...not stealing though; more like taking sans prescription, but with the prescription holder's permission...).

On the downside, I'm a little bit loopy. Which isn't so great as I went to work with mom today (she works at Arkansas Rice Depot, which is this really great non-profit organization that combats hunger--mostly by shipping food to schools for kids who can't afford school lunches/food in general...). Apparently spending a whole lot of time on-line has done me a lot of good. Because I'm productive (or something), because I type faster than...well, faster than the lady I was helping today (she's really nice; her name's Tena). Now I'm scanning stuff for her (well, technically, I'm taking a break and having dinner--chicken fingers and corn fritters--before going back to scanning stuff).

Also, I bought seasons 1-4 of The O.C.. Ordered them on the Best Buy website. Season 4 is backordered (blah). I'm watching season 1 right now (sort of as a background noise...actually).

Dec. 24th, 2007

Hung out with Britney and Jessie today (mostly Britney, though). Made yummy, alcoholic eggnog. Am slightly tipsy. And happy. (Which, surprisingly, is going along with the tipsy...usually I just get bitchy in an honest, I-have-no-tact sort of way...)

Anyway, Happy Holidays, my friends!

/drunk posting (which might be just as bad as drunk dialing...)

Oct. 13th, 2007

Real Life stuffs

I'm wearing fake nails! Yay! And I can still type with them on, so they're not unreasonably long or anything (also yay!). I even put nifty little jewels on them. They're really cute.

On another note, Jessie came over last night. We ate Chinese and got drunk (her more than me, but she needed it more than me). And watched movies and played Sims2 (well, Jess played, I watched and made suggestions). It was fun.

Mom, on the other hand, probably didn't have any fun. Mostly because she couldn't breathe too well because her asthma/COPD was acting up (because she'd been smoking again). She went to the doctor today and he told her to get some rest and that she couldn't go back to Cursillo because it's outdoors and not healthy for her. I'm actually glad she's here.

I went by US Pizza Co. today and, to my shock, Maddie Spring is working there. Maddie is Melissa Spring's little sister (although Melissa isn't Melissa Spring anymore; she got married). She said Melissa is pregnant. Shocked the hell out of me. I'm actually a little hurt that I wasn't invited to the wedding (or the baby shower, but that's today and she doesn't have my address at this house). But, we'd lost touch a while ago, so I really don't have any right to be upset.