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Dec. 15th, 2008

Still Injured...

My whole foot is swollen. From my heel to my toes, the damn thing is swollen. Which is really annoying. I've been keeping it bound (with an ace bandage instead of that circulation-eliminating elastic strap the doctor gave me...I'd like to keep my toes, thanks) and elevated, icing it and taking the anti-inflammatories (and the pain pills). But it's still swollen--more so than it was when I actually sprained it. Also, parts of it are turning that deep, black-ish purple serious bruise color while others are just blue and a few others are just red. Have I mentioned I find this very annoying?

On the upside, I've been able to eliminate one of the crutches (which probably has something to do with the extra swelling, I know...). Also, pain pills. I'm very happy to have those. They make the hobbling around (and after-effects of hobbling around) manageable.

In other news, we have a Christmas tree! It's all pretty and decorated. But I didn't get to decorate it (*pouts*) because of the sprained ankle. So far, the pets have been good and haven't knocked over the tree. I mean, they've been chewing on the lower (empty) branches, which we discourage, but nothing else. Here's hoping that pattern holds.

Dec. 11th, 2007


[info]friend_me has 50 members! Whee! I am probably waaay too excited about this, but I really don't care.

On another, less nice note; my pets are evil. Because they cannot knock down the tree, they decided to pull down a string of lights and tear up the (thankfully cheap) round, plastic table cloth-cum-tree skirt (we didn't put our pretty, old, velvet one out because Max went on a peeing spree last year...I shouldn't be too upset with him; he's a miniature lab--who weighs about 65 lbs.--who is about 15 or 16 years old and rather senile...he can't really help all the crazy stuff he does...). But I won't let that rain on my parade (anymore, that is; I was in a towering rage over it because I already was supposed to clean the living room because we have company coming over after my parents get off work...I refuse to use the ancient, uber-exhausty vacuum, though).

Still, I'm really excited about [info]friend_me. *happydance*

Dec. 5th, 2007

*dramatic sigh*

Woke up this morning, walked out into the living room and, lo and behold, the cats (or max, our old and senile "miniature" lab) had knocked the Christmas tree down for a third time. I talked to my parents last night about securing it to the wall. Mom vetoed. Dad came up with the idea to suspend it from the ceiling. I think the suspended tree might look nice, but Mom, again, says no. I'm bringing it up with them again tonight, because I'm getting sick of having to pick the damn thing up before I've had my instant breakfast. I'll be all different kinds of ecstatic tomorrow if I wake to a vertical tree.

In other news, I finally withdrew from my classes (today was the last day to do it). Part of me hates the idea of being a college drop-out, but the other part of me is like "DUDE! It was driving you totally, climbing up the walls batshit." Mostly, I agree with voice no. 2. (Not actual voices, mind you, I'm not that crazy...also schizophrenia is a lot more rare than Law and Order would have us believe...) I'm still in the process of finding a job that won't drive me crazy/make me feel like shit.

I'm doing laundry right now (well not, right now right now, but, you know, the washer is going and the dryer just stopped) in order to butter up the parents into agreeing with me on the tree. If I wanted to be more blatant about it, I could make them coffee before they get home.

As an aside, in my house--household, that is--coffee is not just an every-now-and-then or every morning thing; it's an all day, every day thing. Mom and Dad wake up with coffee, they come home and relax with coffee until about, oh, say, 7:00 or 8:00 pm. There's always a pot of coffee going on the weekends. I think I had coffee before all my friends did--I was, I believe, 8. I've been drinking it (and cokes) for a long time. I have a huge tolerance for caffeine. Upside? I can have two or three mochas and not be obnoxiously hyper. Downside? I have to have two of those Starbucks Doubleshot thingies in order to wake me up when I haven't had enough sleep and still need to function.

Dec. 4th, 2007


*incoherent rage-like noise*



*shifts mood*

On an entirely different note, I just got four update notices for various fics that I've been following. And, you know something, I have a bunch of errands to run today. *sigh* Oh well. I'm sure I can run them all relatively quickly.

Also, I think I'm allergic to winter (or at least weather below 50˚ Fahrenheit)

Dec. 3rd, 2007

*is tired*

I woke up to find that the pets had knocked over the Christmas tree. Can I just say now how glad I am that it wasn't decorated when it fell? Because a lot of the decorations that we have were gifts from my grandparents (my mom's parents, who are both dead). In fact, my grandma used to do something really neat for the grandkids (me and my three cousins). When we were babies, she started buying us an ornament every year so that, by the time we left home, we'd have enough ornaments for a small tree of our own. She gave me angels (I'll take pictures when we get the decorations down from the attic), my oldest cousin Jackie got rocking horses, my older cousin Jared got cars, and I really don't remember what my younger cousin Jillie got. (If you're wondering about the ages of us grandkids, Jackie is the oldest at 26, Jared is the second oldest at 22, I'm 21, and Jillie is 17--but will be 18 on the 5th.)