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Jul. 24th, 2017

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The Daily Snitch - Weekend Edition, July 23, 2017

Joanne K. Rowling – Life and Books:
• 23 Things you didn't know about J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter universe. (The Independent)

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
• Happy Birthday, Daniel Radcliffe!
• James & Oliver Phelps (the Weasley twins), John Cleese (Nearly Headless Nick), Zoë Wanamaker (Madam Hooch), Mark Williams (Mr Weasley), David Bradley (Argus Filch), Sean Biggerstaff (Oliver Wood) and Danielle Tabor (Angelina Johnson) will be at the London Film & Comic Con on July 28 to 30.
• Frank Dillon (young Tom Riddle), Jason Issacs (Lucius Malfoy), Ezra Miller (Credence Barebone) in San Diego Comic Con trailers and posters.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:
• Sneak Preview at definite edition of 'Cursed Child' script.

Prompt Challenges:
[info]hogwarts365 posted Prompt # 202 (due on or before July 29): “Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.” ― Anthony Burgess, Questions and West Tower.
[info]slythindor100 posted the Week 2 Results and the Week 3 Prompt of the on-going H/D LDWS Challenge.

[info]rarepair_shorts is looking for 4 More Gifts for people's Wishlists.
[info]dogdaysofsummer announced the Dog Days of Summer, the Wolfstar summer fest that will be running all August.
[info]dramione_remix made a Mod Post about posting to AO3 for Round 8.

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[info]hogwarts365 posted the Prompt #201 Masterlist.

Fandom Recs:
[info]themightyflynn recced a Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter/Severus Snape fic at the [info]crack_broom (NC-17).
[info]rosevalleynb recced a Pansy Parkinson/Ron Weasley fic at the [info]crack_broom (R).
[info]toblass recced young Severus Snape art (G).
[info]rosevalleynb recced a Merope Gaunt/Harry Potter and Tom Riddle fic at the [info]crack_broom (PG-13).
[info]themightyflynn recced young Lucius Malfoy art (PG).
[info]gracerene made a huge post with all her Harry Potter cross-gen recs (more than 80 recs, various pairings and ratings).

Schedule of Upcoming Events from 23 to 29 July at [info]potterfests.
• The SS/HP Prophet from July 15 through 22.

Archive News:
• OTW Guest Post: UsedKarma about starting the Darcyland fan network for Darcy Lewis (MCU, Thor) fandom.

• Jasmine from MuggleNet wrote In an Attempt to Emulate the Trio, I Forage My Sparse Pantry for a Week.
• 19 tumblr posts you won't understand if you haven't read the 'Harry Potter' books.

General Fandom News:
• Deathly Hallows: 10 Years Later.
• Updates from San Diego Comic-Con.
Sign-ups are open at [community profile] crossovering, the multi-fandom cross-over challenge.

• The Riddikulusly Hard Harry Potter Quiz. (Editor got an Acceptable! ;))

[info]accio_hd_fics posted a search for dark!Harry fics. (Drarry only)
[info]bluefatso posted a search for Draco/Harry Mafia AUs. (Drarry only)
[info]dailysnitch is looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

Jul. 21st, 2017

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The Daily Snitch - Friday, July 21, 2017

Joanne K. Rowling: Life and Books:
• VIDEOS: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone moving illustrated digital book out Sept. 5.
• Bloomsbury releases cover art of Harry Potter: A History of Magic exhibition companion book. (More info here)

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
• Dressing the Golden Trio: Us Magazine interviews costume designer Jany Temime.
• Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) visited Universal Studio Hollywood's "Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts" Show.
• Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter): (street-level) Superhero.
• Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood): theater review "Disco Pigs".
HP movies cast round-up of the week.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:
• New London cast reveals the magic of 'Cursed Child' in words and pictures.

Pottermore News
• The Ultimate Pottermore Quizzes Collection.

• The Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Edition of [info]firewhiskeyfic started tonight.
[info]hp_drizzle posted the Fest Check-in, part 2.
[info]hp_creatures posted the Claiming Post for the Halloween Creature Fest.
[info]hd_erisedposted the Sign-up Forms for sign-ups of July 28.
[info]snape_potter posted Join the Party! at the half-way point of the Harry Potter Birthday Party that ends July 31.
[info]one_bad_man posted the Sign-up Post for the next week of reccing Lucius Malfoy and/or Severus Snape creations.

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[info]wand_in_a_knot posted the Round Two: Masterlist of the Harry Potter 24 hours Porn Challenge.

Fandom Recs:
[info]rosevalleynb recced a Arthur Weasley/Molly Weasley fic at the [info]crack_broom (NC-17).
[info]madeleone recced a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic (PG).
The Rec Center recced a Hermione Granger/Pansy Parkinson fic (PG).

• Holly wrote Did We Really Need a Map in the 20th-Anniversary “Philosopher’s Stone” Editions? (MuggleNet)

General Fandom News:
• Comic-Con San Diego Panel: Fantastic Fans and where To Find Them: Rowling Along in 2017 (Sunday, July 23, 2 - 3 pm, room 6BCF)
• MuggleNet Live! 2017: Nineteen Years Later – 15 Theme Park goals you can only complete at MuggleNet Live!
• Harry Potter Home Décor Collection coming this fall.
• Victoria reviews the Harry Potter nano metalfigs for MuggleNet.

• New Hogwarts House patches coming from Warner Bros this fall. Win a set at MuggleNet Give-away! or Win a set at the Leaky Cauldron Give-away!

[info]dailysnitch is looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

Community Spotlight:
[community profile] firewhiskeyficHave a drink; write a masterpiece
The community to safely practice writing under the influence. Challenges take place once every 3 to 4 months. Each challenge consists of about 5 prompts centered on a common theme. All entries are due within 48 hours from the start of the round. No betas are allowed; editing and proof-reading is discouraged. Once all entries have been submitted, there is a one week period to vote in several categories. [community profile] firewhiskeyfic is based in the HP fandom but all fandoms are welcome. Writers and artists are welcome to participate!

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

Jul. 19th, 2017

[info]wdf_mod in [info]promote_addme


When Darkness Falls is a multi-location original character role-playing game set in the iconic ciies of New Orleans, Louisiana and Boston, Massachusetts. The story began in November 2012 when supernatural beings were still hidden from the public, living alongside unsuspecting humans who were never the wiser. Werewolves, vampires, shape-shifters, gifted humans, and others struggled to keep their secrets, while still maintaining relatively "normal" lives.

In 2014 a group of humans, bent on exposing the supernaturals for what they are, began cropping up in cities across the globe including New Orleans and Boston. Their cause grew quickly, and despite resistance the supernatural community was exposed to the world in grand fashion.

In New Orleans the initial reaction was to condemn supernaturals, to lock them away and to keep their kind away from humans. This proved futile, however, as the supernaturals banded together and fought back. The war between the human and supernatural worlds did not last long, however, before the government began to intervene.

In Boston the news of the supernatural world was swallowed with a bit more ease, though unrest was soon apparent. While no fighting broke out there was a push to separate supernaturals from human beings for safety reasons, a movement that was quickly squelched out when the government stepped in to run the show.

Presently the world is still making a shift toward a new era, where supernaturals and humans can co-exist together in a world no longer segregated by lack of knowledge. There are those who still oppose this movement, though laws and regulations are now in place to protect the interests of all parties. While humans must learn to cope with the new world order, supernaturals must learn to adjust to no longer lurking in the shadows; darkness is no longer their ally.

Opened in November of 2012 and currently seeking new, active players for both New Orleans and our new city: Boston!

Jul. 18th, 2017

[info]capitu in [info]dailysnitch

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
More Previews of 'Prisoner of Azkaban' Illustrated Edition by Jim Kay.
Sean Biggerstaff Joins Georgia Moffett for New “Doctor Who” Audio Adventures.
Bloomsbury releasing 2 new Harry Potter-related books with J.K. Rowling's notes.
‘Harry Potter’ Cast in Film News and Clips: ‘Dunkirk,’ ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi,’ ‘Mary Poppins Returns,’ and More.
David Bradley and Jim Broadbent in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Opening.
Harry Potter exhibit 'Christmas in the Wizarding World' coming to stores this fall.
Review: Harry Potter Film Concert Series – “Chamber of Secrets”.
You Can Do Your Holiday Shopping in the Wizarding World This Year.

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
Unlocking Fantastic Beats: In Search of the Shooting Script 'The Round Up Post'.
Ezra Miller Shines as Flash in Press for "Justice League".

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:
'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' on-stage production promos with new London cast.

[info]hp_creatures posted Claiming Info for the HP Creatures 2017 Fest.
[info]hp_crossgenfest posted Submissions due July 17th.

Fandom Recs:
[info]gracerene recced one Harry/Draco fic.

[info]hd_prophet: Monday, July 17th.
[info]digthewriter posted A Tutorial: Placing HTML tags in a Word Document..

Archive News:
The Brian/Justin Archive is Moving to AO3.

Grindelwald: The Only One Dumbledore Ever Feared? By Victor

[info]dailysnitch is looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

Jul. 17th, 2017

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The Daily Snitch - Weekend Edition, July 16, 2017

Send you fannish recs to the [info]dailysnitch!

Joanne K. Rowling:
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: first look at new edition illustrated by Jim Kay.
• A Guide to Collecting the Harry Potter Books. Also in German: Was sind die ersten Harry Potter-Bücher heute wert? (abebooks)

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
• Bid on Daniel Radcliff's Loud Shirt now!
• Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) interviews the latest "Shared Shelf" author Margaret Atwood.

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
• Speakbeasty Podcast Episode #41: Credence Joins the Circus.

Prompt Challenges:
[info]hogwarts365 posted Prompt # 201 (due on or before July 21): Jasmine Warga quote, Height and Nimbus Racing Broom Company.
• @introvert-club posted Wolfstar Prompt 11.
[info]slythindor100 posted the Week One Results and the Week 2 Prompt: Chocolate Frog Card(s) of the ongoing Harry/Draco LDWS.

[info]hd_fanart: Claiming is open for the Harry/Draco Fanart Fest.
[info]evening12 posted a Question for fest mods about using tumblr.

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[info]hogwarts365 posted the Prompt #200 Masterlist.

Fandom Recs:
[info]themightyflynn recced Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter/Severus Snape fic (R).
[info]toblass recced Severus Snape art (G).
[info]themightyflynn recced Harry Potter/Severus Snape fic (NC-17).

[info]hd_prophet: July 16, 2017 edition.
Schedule of Upcoming Events from 16 to 22 July at [info]potterfests.
• The SS/HP Prophet from July 9 to 15.

[info]8c | @pukingpastilles has a discussion on Harry and Hermione as PoC on her tumblr.

• Victor collected Five Moments That Allude to Dumbledore's Relationship with Grindelwald. (MuggleNet)

General Fandom News:
• Leaky Cauldron 2017 on September 3 so far: Special Guests, Schedule and Tickets.

• Candlewick publishes "New Magical Film Projections: Patronus Charm" book.

• The [info]dailysnitch is looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

Community Spotlight:
[community profile] picture_prompt_funPicture Prompt Fun
This new community is for every writer who wants to have fun with picture prompts. There is a new challenge, consisting of two pictures, posted each week. Pictures can be everything you can imagine: settings, persons, animals, history, science fiction, etc. All writing (fanfiction and original fic), all genres, slash, femslash, het and gen is welcome.

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

Jul. 14th, 2017

[info]kitty_fic in [info]dailysnitch

The Daily Snitch: Friday, July 14, 2017

[info]daily_snitch is also on tumblr. Please follow daily-snitch@tumblr!

Joanne K. Rowling:
• J.K. Rowling BFI to Host Preview Event For ‘Strike: The Cuckoo’s Calling’
• J.K. Rowling Has Written Her Long-Teased Fairy Tale!
• J.K. Rowling talks Lumos, personal fears, unpublished children's story, more with CNN

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
Killing Lord Voldemort and Other Movie Adventures
Be the First to See the New Illustrated “Prisoner of Azkaban” with Bloomsbury!
Happy Birthday Wishes to Fiona Shaw
Evanna Lynch Talks “Disco Pigs” and 20 Years of “Harry Potter”
Weekly Cast Round-up: Tom Felton’s Cricket Craze, Gary Oldman as Churchill, Comic-Con & More!
David Thewlis Nominated for an Emmy!
Emma Watson Interviews Margaret Atwood on “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
Cover of Fully Illustrated “Fantastic Beasts” Revealed!
Extra Artwork From New Illustrated “Fantastic Beasts” Revealed!
Fantastic Beasts strut their way onto new cover art
Harry Potter Book Night 2018 to take place February 1, with 'Fantastic Beasts' theme
Fantastic Beast Found! New Species of Spider Named After Aragog

HP & The Cursed Child – Actors and Movies:
'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' wins for theatre at South Bank Sky Arts Awards
Top Five Random “Cursed Child” Moments Revisited
Theater Round-Up: ‘Cursed Child’ Wins Theatre Award, New Anthony Boyle and Jack Thorne Projects, and More!
Thorne and Tiffany Talk “Cursed Child” Ahead of Paperback Script Release

[info]rarepair_shorts: WISHLIST FEST is still going STRONG!
[info]hp_podfic_fest: check-in -- two months to go
[info]hd_fanart: Prompting ends soon!
[info]one_bad_man: Friday again...
[info]hp_creatures: Prompting Closes Tomorrow!

Editor's Choice Rec:
Fantastic Beasts by 3vil-is-g00d@tumblr (Newt, Tina, Queenie, Jacob; gen; art)

Fandom Recs:
[info]ldydark1 recced one Harry/Draco fic.
[info]too_dle_oo recced one Severus/Hermione fic.
[info]gracerene recced one Harry/Draco fic.
[info]kellychambliss recced one Severus/Minerva fic.
• drarryspecificrecs recced ten Harry/Draco fics.

[info]hd_prophet: Monday, July 10, 2017
[info]hd_prophet: Thursday, 13 July, 2017

Archive News:
• OTW: The OTW is Recruiting Report Writers, Fanlore Gardeners, and Tag Wranglers!
• OTW: Elections 2017 Q&A and Chats

What If an Owl, Rat, Cat, or Toad Just Doesn’t Do It for You?
The Three Fates Meet The Weird Sisters: Cormoran Strike, Harry Potter, and the Question of Fate, Free Will, and Choice
The Basilisk and Nagini Were Probably Quite Nice
Billywigs… and That’s It?
The ‘Harrying of Hell’ The Harrowing in Philosopher’s Stone and Deathly Hallows
Riddikulus! Humor as a Weapon against Fear and Evil
Five Reasons Why Harry Potter Should Be Your Favorite Character
Why Is a Dementor Like an Ice Pick?

Velkommen til Oslo! MuggleNet Attends the European Quidditch Games 2017!
The Three Broomsticks Wins Theme Park Insider Award Second Year in a Row!
Breakfast at Hogwarts opening at Harry Potter's Warner Bros. Studio Tour this August
The Lovegoods Drop Brand-New Album!
Registration for Granger Leadership Academy Open Now!

[info]daily_snitch: currently looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta, etc ...) for Newt Scamander.

Community Spotlight:
[info]hd_cliche: a low stress, mini-fest celebrating well-loved cliches in the H/D Fandom! Our goal is to be as fun and low-maintenance as possible while taking our favorite themes and giving them a new spin! Posting begins July 31!

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

Jul. 13th, 2017

[info]squeaky in [info]announcements

Expunging users

We have corrected the issue that was causing users to not get expunged. They are currently expunging now.


I'm exhausted and fussy as hell today. I've been I'll since last week and it's been especially bad since Tuesday. I had a migraine, then post migraine nausea and now the migraine has rebounded back.

My icons have gone down. I want to cry. I'm stressed and numb and I want to get lost in fiction. But it's time to make lunch and I have things to do and I wish I had a time Turner.

Crossposted on IJ/LJ/DW. Comment wherever you please.

Jul. 10th, 2017

[info]kitty_fic in [info]dailysnitch

The Daily Snitch: Weekend Edition, July 9, 2017

[info]daily_snitch is also on tumblr. Please follow daily-snitch@tumblr!

Joanne K. Rowling:
• J.K. Rowling J.K. Rowling's new interview discussing Lumos, Harry Potter anniversary airing Monday

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
Matthew Lewis Joins ITV Drama “Girlfriends”
Weekly Round-up: Evanna Lynch’s iAnimal Campaign, Potter Cast Collaborations & More
Emma Thompson Discusses “Alone in Berlin”, Politics, and More!

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
New ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Tracks Debuted At Karlovy Film Festival
Jude Law Takes On the Pope in Preparation for the Complex Albus Dumbledore
James Newton Howard gives masterclass in writing 'Fantastic Beasts' theme music, more

Prompt Challenges:
[info]hp_coffeehouse: July Prompt
[info]hp_bunintheoven: July Prompt
[info]slythindor100: July Prompt
[info]poetic_hp: July Prompt
[info]dove_drabbles: July Prompt
[info]hd_fluff: July Prompt
[info]hogwarts365: HOGWARTS365: PROMPT 200 - Due on or before July 15

[info]dracotops_harry: Claiming is open!
[info]hogwarts365: Mod Post
[info]hd_familyfest: Claiming is NOW OPEN
[info]femmefest: Masterlist and a Message from the Mod
[info]hprarefest: HPRAREFEST REVEALS 2017!
[info]hprarefest: FEST 2017 Stats!
[info]one_bad_man: Another week, another Galleon, another messed up post...

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[info]hogwarts365: PROMPT 199 MASTERLIST

Hot Rec:
A Constellation's Just a Picture in the Sky by starfishstar (Remus/Sirius; PG-13, 13998 words)
Summary:There’s a war on and all is not easy for the young members of the Order of the Phoenix, but Remus – nineteen, in love and sharing a flat with Sirius – is happier than he ever thought it possible to be. …Until one morning a knock at their door heralds an unexpected visitor from Sirius’ past, begging help with a desperate mission.

Fandom Recs:
[info]madeleone recced one Hermione/Severus fic & art.
[info]capitu recced one Harry/Draco fic.
[info]capitu recced one Harry/Draco fic.
[info]toblass recced one Severus art.
[info]themightyflynn recced one Severus art.

[info]hd_prophet: Wednesday, 5 July 2017
[info]hd_prophet: Saturday, July 8th, 2017
[info]hd_prophet: Sunday 9th July 2017
[info]sshp_prophet: SS/HP Prophet for July 2 - July 8
[info]potterfests: a href="http://potterfests.livejournal.com/525976.html">Schedule of Upcoming Events in the Harry Potter Fandom from 9 July -- 15 July 2017</a>

Archive News:
• OTW: A Meet Up of Our Own
• OTW: June 2017 Newsletter, Volume 114

Why Quirrell Is the Smartest Death Eater
‘Stone, Goblet, Hallows:’ The Series Axis in Philosopher’s Stone, Goblet of Fire and Deathly Hallows
How Dumbledore & Grindelwald's relationship could play in 'Fantastic Beasts' films
Will “Harry Potter” Always Be Around to Save the Day?
Have Further Secrets from the Second “Fantastic Beasts” Been Revealed?
Dan Fogler reveals first glimpse of Jacob Kowalski from 'Fantastic Beasts' sequel
How Will Jacob Return in the Next “Fantastic Beasts”?
Dear “New York Times”: The Politics of “Harry Potter” Are Not Childish
New Carmen Ejogo Interview: Movies, Music, and Knowing Your Audience
Who Was the Real Salazar?

Augmented Reality Goggles May Be Brought to Harry Potter Rides at Universal Studios!

[info]daily_snitch: currently looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta, etc ...) for Newt Scamander.

Community Spotlight:
[info]hd_fluff - the community that celebrates the fluffy side of the Harry/Draco ship!

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.



I'm dealing with the photobucket issues. The site I'm moving to has some transfer tools that I've put in a support request but I'm still in a sort of shock about it.

So many tutorials are lost. And there authors haven't logged onto their journals in years. Some are semi dead but some images were hosted elsewhere.

My icons are still up for now but immortalje's icons have been down for two days now, I can see them because I follow her on photobucket but her icon journal is all broken images.

I have 5,600 icons that I've made through the year. The icon project I had started was transferring them to another account to separate my fandom life from my real life as well as to show from oldest to newest just how much improvement I've made through the years.

But now it's on hold.

The new icon hosting site is for fandom arts and RPGs I'm hoping it's a good one.

But I'm also mourning the site I've used since 2004 and the icon communities that have been dying through the past few years but at least you could still find the old icons and tutorials but now so many are replaced by unsightly images.

Fuck you photobucket. You could have said, hey you need a paid account to use this feature. And I would have happily paid for the cheaper plans to host my little icons. It's a hobby after all, wouldn't have even complained, would have just paid up like i did years ago. But demanding nearly 400 dollars a year?

It's just little things I made in photoshop for fun. It's icons that I do to give something to the fandoms that see me through my anxiety and depression.

You cut off your nose to spite your face. And people don't need you anymore for that price, especially when I could create my own website to share my icons for less than 200 a year... and I could have my own domain name...

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