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Sep. 20th, 2017

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The Daily Snitch: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Joanne K. Rowling – Life and Books:
"Strike" to return in 2018.

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
Review: Harry Potter Film Concert Series.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:
Noma Dumezweni talk "Cursed Child".

[info]hp_darkarts posted HP Horror Fest coming in 2018.
[info]sceasleycest posted Sceasleycast December fest 2017.
[info]adventchallenge posted Advent Challenge 2017.
[info]potterfests posted Coming Up in Potterfests.
[info]hd_erised posted Check-in Today.
[info]hp_goldenage Salt and Pepper Fest.
[info]sirius_black Sirius Black Fest Submission Header.

General Fandom News:
Rare First Edition of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" for Auction.

Have a Laugh:
Second Harry Potter Festival in Staunton, VA.
Quidditch UK is Hiring.

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I'm nearly hysterical with pain.

I have a sinus infection that's triggered a migraine and neither icepack nor meds have done anything.

And Amazon says they delivered my meds to the leasing office on Friday but the leasing office does not have my package. Ian said they seemed more willing to search when he said it was medicine.

I'm going to try and distract myself with this soulmate verse plot bunny I have where you only know it's your soulmate when you can actually orgasm.

It's weird and odd and I think the HP verse is best to explore it.

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Sep. 18th, 2017


I've been really grumpy this weekend.

Sebastian peed in our closet also so that's four places he peed that's not a litter box in two days.

Since he's not my cat he's been banned from our room and I'm keeping the door shut.

Our cat is the only one allowed in.

And our AC is broken again...

So I've just been going around grumpy all weekend.

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The Daily Snitch - Weekend Edition, September 17, 2017

Joanne K. Rowling – Life and Books:
• Beatrice Grove, Literary Allusion in The Cuckoo's Calling - Part 2: Tennyson's "Ulysses".
• Robert Galbraith's Strike to return to BBC in 2018 in Career of Evil.

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
• MinaLima, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima (graphic design): Q & A: Telling Stories Through Design.

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
• Everything we know about Fantastic Beasts [2] so far: Plot Hints and Cast News.

Prompt Challenges:
[info]hogwarts365 posted Prompt # 210 (due on or before September 23): "free for all" prompts for four years of [info]hogwarts365.
• @introvert-club posted Wolfstar Prompt # 20: Magic Shows and Circus Theatrics

[info]hp_nextgen_fest posted a reminder that submission for the Next Generation Fest are due in one month on October 16th.
[info]slythindor100 announced their community affiliation with [info]adventchallenge.
[info]sceasleycest announced the December Fest for Scorpius Malfoy and the Wesleys. Prompting is open!
[info]sceasleycest announced their community affiliation with [info]adventchallenge.

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[info]hp_drizzle posted the Weekly Round-up Two.
[info]hogwarts365 posted the Prompt # 209 Masterlist.

Editor's Choice Rec:
[podfic] The Evil Devil Child and the Perfect Gift read by [info]semperfiona, written by [info]who_la_hoop (Albus/Scorpius, Al/Scorpius/Draco, Harry/Scorpius, Harry/Draco | NC-17 | 1:50:27 hours)
Summary: When Scorpius Malfoy – Legilimens-extraordinaire, perfect son and all-round kinky little bastard – discovers that his father harbours a certain fantasy involving Harry Potter, a submissive attitude and a priceless antique dining table, he sets out to make his father's dreams come true. And if succeeding in his mission involves putting up with a naked, willing Albus Severus? Well, that's a price that Scorpius will just have to pay.

Fandom Recs:
[info]toblass recced Severus Snape art (gen).
[info]themightyflynn recced a Hermione Granger/Severus Snape fic (NC-17).
[info]rosevalleynb recced a Petunia Evans Dursley, Harry Potter, Dudley Dursley gen fic (PG).
[personal profile] chantefable recced a Draco Malfoy/Rose Weasley remix fic (PG-13).

• The SS/HP Prophet from September 9 to 16.

Archive News:
• OTW: Transcript for the 10th Anniversary Chat with authors Christina Lauren and Catherine Roach.
• OTW: Transcript for the 10th Anniversary Chat with authors Seanan McGuire and Martha Wells about "Fantasy and Fandom".

• Sarah Galley wrote Harry Potter: A Beginner's Guide to Evaluating Authority. (Barnes & Noble Blog)

[info]accio_hd_fics posted a search for your favourite mpreg fics.
[info]dailysnitch is looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

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Sep. 16th, 2017

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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Sometimes literally.
Las Vegas has always been a city that draws people in. The lights, the shows, the freedom...

But something strange has started to happen. The city has begun to pull strange people, people from different universes. Even people who had died but have seemingly found new life under the bright lights.

We are currently in the midst of a Fallout New Vegas Inspired plot!

Pitboss is a panfandom game that welcomes fandom OCs.

Rules | Taken | Holds | Application | Wanted | FAQ | Dropbox

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The Daily Snitch: Friday, September 15, 2017

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Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
Kenneth Branagh to Receive BAFTA’s Highest Honor

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
Star Spotting: Jude Law in Bath, UK!

HP & The Cursed Child – Actors and Movies:
Cherrelle Skeete Talks Diversity and New Projects!

[info]snape_potter: Sign up for Secret Snarry Swap through Sunday!
[info]hp_darkarts: HP Horror Fest 2018
[info]one_bad_man: Mod Post
[info]interhouse_fest: LOOK AT US GO!
[info]hp_halloween: Get ready for some spooky fun! ;D

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[info]dramione_remix: Round 8, Week 1 Round-Up!

Fandom Recs:
[info]rosevalleynb recced one Marcus Flint fic.
[info]reynardo recced one Severus/Hermione craft.
[info]smirkingcat recced one Ron/Severus fic.
[info]madeleone recced one Severus/Hermione fic.

Does a Magical Education Extend Beyond Witches and Wizards?

General Fandom News:
Universal Orlando Resort's 2018 Celebration of Harry Potter tickets packages released

Take a Dip into the Pensieve with New Collectibles from Running Press!
Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts NYCC new Funko figures of Snape, Grindelwald, Luna
Harry Potter home décor collection from PBteen & Warner Bros. unveiled, out soon
Pottery Barn Teen’s “Harry Potter” Line Now Available for Pre-Order!
Bring Hogwarts Home to You with the New PBteen Collection

[info]daily_snitch: looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

Community Spotlight:
[info]adventchallenge: announced details and a banner for 2017.

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Argh cats.

Especially Basshole. My roommates eldest demonspawn.

He peed on my dirty clothes, he peed on the bathroom rug, and probably (could have been Boo or Mercat) peed underneath the box.

I wonder if the alligators in the pond are hungry? (Joke: I'd never hatm the little bastard... And I normally like him. Might even love him but.... Urgh.... CATS

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Sep. 15th, 2017


I have a headache so I ended up reading true crime Wikipedia entries. I normally read the solved ones but I ended up reading the unsolved ones and now I can't seem to sleep...

And not just because of the ice pack on my neck.

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Sep. 14th, 2017

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Final Irma Update

Ok we are home now. So a final report. The site stayed up 100% through the hurricane and ensuing blackouts in the local area. My home is mostly ok, just a couple of minor things that can easily be addressed. Family is safe, all pets weathered the trip though they were't happy about it. All in all we came out of Hurricane Irma relatively unscathed. Please resume your regular InsaneJournal activities ;)

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The Daily Snitch: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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Joanne K. Rowling:
• J.K. Rowling “Reading, Writing, Rowling” Episode 2: “Beatrice Groves and Literary Allusion in Harry Potter”
• J.K. Rowling BBC1 Strike: The Silkworm Episode 1
• J.K. Rowling A Fantastic Addition to the Lumos Crowdrise Campaign Contest
J.K. Rowling announces 2 grand prizes for Lumos' 'Fantastic Beasts' 2 set fundraiser

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
Nothing Like Four Dames! Maggie Smith to Appear in New Documentary
Cast Round-Up: Maggie Smith’s New Documentary, Dan Radcliffe’s ‘Jungle’ Trailer & More!
“A History of Magic” Documentary to Be Filmed!
Why “Prisoner of Azkaban” Is Actually the Best “Harry Potter” Film

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
'Fantastic Beasts' 2 Dumbledore actor Jude Law spotted near Lacock Abbey Hogwarts set
Win a Trip to Visit the Set of “Fantastic Beasts”!

Fandom Recs:
[info]rosevalleynb recced one Remus fic.

[info]hd_prophet: Sunday 10th September 2017
[info]hd_prophet: Monday Resources XXVII

Questions Yet Unanswered: The Unsolved Mysteries of “Harry Potter”
Weekly Vlog: Embedded Misdirection
The Ugly Truth Regarding Veritaserum

General Fandom News:
Universal Orlando Resort's 5th annual A Celebration of Harry Potter set for Jan. 2018
A Celebration of Harry Potter Returning January 2018!

[info]daily_snitch: looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

Community Spotlight:
[info]hp_podfic_fest: Now Posting!

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Sep. 12th, 2017


I feel guilty. A sort of survivor's guilt.

Tampa had been phased to in the words of our mayor take a punch in the face and then Irma shifted course.

During the long night I was happy it stayed on land because the path when it stayed on the gulf before hitting us was the one that would have devastated us.

And then the path shifted. As our local paper said, "Irma staggered along the state like a drunken tourist."

And my section of Tampa was the only part still in the cone... And then even we weren't in the cone.

I was euphoric. It didn't hit us we we're safe, the eye didn't hit us.

Mum (mother in law) was in Georgia, parents were fine, mom was fine, brother was fine...

Then I saw the flooding, the destruction in Jacksonville, in parts of Orlando, in Charleston

And I feel guilty for anxiety fueled euphoria... And yet grateful my home was spared.

Mum's house may be damaged because the area where she lives was closer to the eye path when it was still cat 3 and some parts experienced flooding.

But as she's still in Georgia (leaving today at midday we won't know until later).

And the flooding isn't as bad as Jacksonville and Charleston.

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Sep. 11th, 2017

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Irma Update

So the site survived Hurricane Irma with no outages. Now we are just waiting to hear about the status of our home and are awaiting the all clear to drive the 14 hours back south.


We still have power here unlike most of Tampa. The path has shifted so it's more inland and my area is on the cones border.

I'm feeling better and might sleep soon.

Hopefully in the morning things still look nice.

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The Daily Snitch - Weekend Edition, September 10, 2017

Joanne K. Rowling – Life and Books:
• Beatrice Groves wrote Literary Allusion in The Cuckoo's Calling Part 1: Christina Rossetti's A Dirge. (MuggleNet)
• BBC2 announced hour-long Harry Potter: A History of Magic documentary.
• New BBC documentary to feature JK Rowling interview and behind the scenes view of A History of Magic Exhibit.

Harry Potter – Actors and Movies:
• Josh Herdman (Gregory Goyle): Happy (Belated) Birthday!
• Chris Columbus (director): Happy Birthday post.
• Daniel Radcliffe's Jungle released a new trailer.
• TV News round-up for Harry Potter and Robert Galbraith actors.

Fantastic Beasts – Actors and Movies:
• Fantastic Beasts 2 new Lacock Abbey on-set pictures show extras in Hogwarts robes.

Prompt Challenges:
[info]hogwarts365 posted Prompt # 209 (due on or before September 16): “For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” ― Carl Sagan, The Weighing of the Wands and White Socks.
• @introvert-club posted Wolfstar Prompt #19.

[info]hoggywartyxmas, the holiday gift exchange for the Hogwarts staff & friends announced that Sign-ups are Open.

Masterlists and Weekly Round-ups:
[info]slythindor100 posted the Masterlist of the Harry/Draco LDWS Challenge, Round 9.
[info]hp_drizzle posted the Weekly Round-up One.
[info]hogwarts365 posted the Prompt # 208 Masterlist.

Fandom Recs:
[info]toblass recced Severus Snape portrait art (gen).
[info]themightyflynn recced Sirius Black/Severus Snape art (PG-13).
[info]themightyflynn recced a Lavender Brown/Percy Weasley fic (NC-17).
[info]themightyflynn recced a Harry Potter/Percy Weasley/Draco Malfoy fic (NC-17).

[info]hd_prophet: Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10 editions.
Schedule of Upcoming Events from September 10 to 16 at [info]potterfests.
• The SS/HP Prophet from September 3 through 9.

Archive News:
• OTW News: Transcript of 10th OTW Anniversary chat with Lev Grossmann is now available.

• Minal wrote Magical Grandparents: The Unseen Heroes. (MuggleNet)

General Fandom News:
A History of Magic: the British Library's Harry Potter Exhibit is crossing the pond and coming to the New York Historical Society, opening October 2018.
10 Reasons Why Every Potter Fan Needs to Go to Epic Nerd Camp. Collected by Ameythist from MuggleNet.
Potterverse Con has been happening this weekend in Baltimore.

[community profile] snarry_ficfind posted a search for Snarry fic where Snape belittles Harry, and Harry confronts him about it.
[info]dailysnitch is looking for your recs (fic, art, podfic, meta ...) for the Special Edition: Newt Scamander.

Community Spotlight:
[info]hoggywartyxmas – The Twelve Days of Hogwarts Christmas Party
A winter holiday fic exchange for the older Harry Potter characters and their friends. Recipients select up to four favourite characters from a list of allowed characters for their gifters to write about. [info]hoggywartyxmas is running their 8th round this year.

Please send your fandom news to the Daily Snitch.

Sep. 10th, 2017


I'm as prepared as we can be.

Path has shifted back towards Tampa and away from St. Pete which should reduce the winds slamming into us if she takes that path since the land will slow down.

My step mother showed once more that she has the emotional range of a teaspoon by yelling at me for being afraid. New Smyrna Beach where I grew up never took a direct hit.

We had winds and maybe tree damage but until I lived through Charley. I'd never experienced the complete destruction of a dead on hurricane.

So yeah. I'm afraid. Irma's a bitch of a storm.

But for now I'm going to pretend I'm a Yong Minerva McGonagall with balls of steel and no fear. Or perhaps Rose Tyler faces down Daleks

Interesting facts: The most accurate weather model they use is the European model based in Germany.

I'll update until the internet dies and/or the internet dies.

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Sep. 9th, 2017


Irma's projected eye path is now going through St. Pete rather than going through us.

I don't know if that's good or bad for us. As the longer the bitch spends in the warm water the stronger she'll be.

She's also moving at six miles per hour.

Storm surge map for our area hasn't changed. Which I do find surprising at this point. I'd think it would be more. But I'm not complaining.

My computer is wrapped in plastic in case the upstairs window breaks.

We've commandeered the cat litter jugs we forget to throw out and filled them all for flushing.

I've filled containers full of water and frozen as many as I could. I've probably got two weeks worth of water.

Rolling blackouts are expected once the storm hits us more but the eye of the storm is not expected until tomorrow afternoonish.

Hopefully everyone else in Florida is keeping safe.

And remembers not to step in deep puddles as they could have power lines. My mom got electrocuted in 2005 that way. She's alive but her memories are shot.

Cool link: Irma sucked the ocean from the Bahamas:

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Hurricane Irma Update

Based on the current path of the storm and the current state of affairs, we are not anticipating any significant issues with the site. While power outages are still a possibility, the thought of data loss is now gone. The area the site is in, is no longer in any risk of flooding and the wind risk is minimal.

Thank you all so much for your words of support. Now we just need to figure out when we can go back home.


Irma now shows it hitting the gulf and then slamming into us as a cat 3.

Before we were getting the better part of the eye.

Now we are getting the dirty half.

I wish we could leave or time travel to when this storm was over.

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