January 2011



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[info]brimac13 wrote
on December 18th, 2010 at 04:02 pm

Been awhile, but...MEME TIME!

*blows thick layer of dust off*


Um, hi, f-list! It's been a loooong while, but I'm back and I have an interesting meme. I was bored and stumbled upon fandom_memes over on lj. While browsing I found this meme and thought it looked like it'd be fun. So, guess away, mes amis, guess away! ;)

1. Think of up to 20 'ships you support
2. List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names
3. Have your f-list guess as many of the 'ships as they can

Fandoms: Harry Potter, 3; Bleach, 1; X-Men, 1; Roswell, 1; Merlin, 1; Doctor Who, 1; Misfits, 2; Being Human, 1; Skins, 2; Eureka, 1; Firefly, 1; Heroes, 2; Kyle XY, 1; Southern Vampire Mysteries, 1

1. The Protagonist and The Protagonist's Best Friend's Little Sister Harry/Ginny from Harry Potter, guessed by [info]nimore
2. Smart Girl and Her Red-Headed Best Friend Ron/Hermione from Harry Potter, guessed by [info]nimore
3. The Woman Who Can't Couldn't Touch Anyone Without Harming Them and The Red-Eyed Cajun Who Blows Stuff Up Rogue/Gambit from X-Men, guessed by [info]nimore
4. The Leading Alien and The Girl Who Died Once (But Was Brought Back To Life By The Leading Alien) Max/Liz from Roswell, guessed by [info]nimore
5. The Daughter Of The Protagonist and The Son Of The Guy Who Messed With Him In School
6. The Once And Future King and The Future Queen
7. The Key and The Guy With One Eye
8. The Idiot Protagonist and The Girl Who Wants To Love Him For Five Lifetimes
9. The On-Coming Storm and The Bad Wolf Doctor/Rose from Doctor Who, guessed by [info]nimore
10. The Invisible Silent (Time-Traveling) Guy and The Party Girl
11. The Vampire and The Ghost John/Annie from Being Human, guessed by [info]nimore
12. The Immortal Prick and The Telepathic Chav
13. The Muff Muncher and The Other Twin
14. The Sheriff and The Former Head Of Global Dynamics
15. The Crazy Girl and The Merc
16. The Crazy Girl and The Loser
17. The Roommate and The Cheerleader
18. 781227 and 781228
19. The Nurse and The Cheerleader Peter/Claire from Heroes, guessed by [info]nimore
20. The Viking Vampire and The Barmaid

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