January 2011



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There's some expensive shit going on with the air conditioner coil thingy and the furnace in my house. I don't even really understand it--except that it's been leaking into the ceiling of my bathroom (which sucks) and totally ruining the ceiling (big honkin' mold/water damage ring around the vent). The heat and air guys are here replacing the coil (and wtf is the coil, btw? I am so clueless on this) and the furnace as I type. Which, really, is very awesome of them because it's still crazy hot/humid outside right now--especially so to be working up in the attic, where there's no air conditioning.

In other news, Faylinn has heart worms. We didn't know that when we got her, not that it would have changed anything; we just would have gotten her treatment sooner. She's not on the actual medication to get rid of the worms, but she is on antibiotics (and pain pills). We're having to keep her locked up, which I don't think she likes, but is tolerating it pretty well. We also have to keep her on a leash whenever she's out of the cage. This means I'm on puppy-poo/pee duty all day (I've been taking her out every few hours). I hate that she's so restricted in everything, but we have to do it or she'll die. She could have a heart attack, or a clump of dead heart worms could break off and get into her blood stream and make its way to her lungs and cause an embolism.


Heart worms? I don't really know what those are but they sound really disgusting. Poor Faylinn :(
Here's what wikipedia has to say about heart worms. It's accurate, from what I can tell (I only skimmed through it).

I imagine the worm itself is pretty disgusting. I just feel so sorry for Faylinn. She's got constantly labored breathing and is locked up like a prisoner. She keeps looking at us like she's saying, "What did I do wrong?" and "Can't you make it go away?"