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Fanfiction Reading List: Harry/Ginny

List Last Updated: 2/21/09

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Harry/Ginny fics that have been moved to the Completed Reads List

Harry/Ginny fics that are no longer being followed

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(A quick, color-coded guide to the different ratings listed and their rough equivalents)
(Full Ratings Guide(s))


This color = the MPAA rating "G"
This color = the MPAA rating "PG"
This color = the MPAA rating "PG-13"
This color = the BBFC rating "15"
This color = the MPAA rating "R"
This color = the MPAA rating "NC-17"

Post-DH | Post-HBP | Post-OotP | Post-GoF | AU | Next Gen

Post-DH = Post-Deathly Hallows | Follows canon as of Deathly Hallows (ie, the entire canon of the series), but may be set before the epilogue.
Post-HBP = Post-Half-Blood Prince | Follows canon as of Half-Blood Prince.
Post-OotP = Post-Order of the Phoenix | Follows canon as of Order of the Phoenix.
Post-GoF = Post-Goblet of Fire | Follows canon as of Goblet of Fire
AU = Alternate Universe | Follows the basic plan of canon, but is mostly comprised of a universe of the author's own making.
Next Gen = Next Generation | Follows canon as of Deathly Hallows, but focuses on Harry and Ginny's children's generation.


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Backfire by brainchild
School was a game Ginny Weasley didn't have to play particularly hard. Lessons came naturally. Exams were easy. She was in control. But the summer after the Department of Mysteries her ordered life starting blasting itself apart. And it was awesome.
Post-OotP, AU, Ginny befriends everybody (Slytherins included), K+
Sequel to Prelude to Destiny
Chapters: 17, WIP
Words: 204,941
Last Updated: 1/29/09

Battle of Souls by lilyevans_Jan30
What if Harry discovered he was a Horcrux in his Sixth Year? Would he have the strength to reach for relationships or will he push them away??
AU, Post-OotP, AU sixth year, R
Chapters: 15, WIP
Words: 76,917
Last Updated: 1/8/09

Bonds of Blood and Magic by Duelist
A few days before Bill and Fleur's wedding, Harry vanished. Two weeks later, Ginny disappeared, also alone and without a trace.

Someone has stepped out of the shadows for a moment, moved some pieces on the board, and changed the rules of the game.

AU, Post-HBP, Bonded!Harry and Ginny, PG-13
Chapters: 19, WIP
Words: 86,444
Last Updated: 2/9/09

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Fantasy for Truth by Wooster
The boy on the platform who’d asked her mum how to get on to the platform hadn’t looked a thing like the boy on the cover of her children’s book...The girl who’d run after the train had the real family he could only dream of.
AU, retelling of canon, G
Part of the Exchange series
Chapters: 6, WIP
Words: 11,699
Last Updated: 6/8/07

The First Day by little0bird
The first year after the battle.
Post-DH, T
(All of little0bird's stories are set in the same universe.)
Chapters: 26, WIP
Words: 108,973
Last Updated: 2/1/09

Forced Maturity Part 1: The Chamber of Secrets by pseudonym
What if everything that happened in Chamber of Secrets through Half-Blood Prince was all an elaborate dream? James and Lily Potter, watching their son from a distance, are convinced that he won’t live to see the end of his second year at Hogwarts, so they decide to help him in the only way they can: by sending him a dream that will change his life forever.
AU, retelling of canon, R
Part of the Forced Maturity series
Chapters: 16, WIP
Words: 130,131
Last Updated: 1/29/09

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Ginny Weasley and the Goblet of Fire by KEDme
It's been five years since the last Triwizard Tournament and Hogwarts has gone through a war. Now Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione are back after rebuilding their beloved school to finish their education - but there’s a surprise. It's Beauxbaton's year to host the tournament and Hogwarts is putting together a delegation. New adventures are in store for Harry and Ginny as they travel to a foreign country, meet some old friends (and even older enemies), attend the traditional Yule Ball, and get involved in a mystery that could prove deadly for one of the three champions. H/G and R/H pairings. Post HBP canon.
Post-HBP, PG
K+, Young Teens, All Ages
Chapters: 18, WIP
Words: 59,946
Last Updated: 2/16/09

Ginny Weasley and the Sword of Gryffindor by DQBunny
Ginny Weasley's sixth year at Hogwarts is a living nightmare. Her world's been turned upside down, her ex-boyfriend, brother and best friend are missing, and the Carrows are placed in the school not just to brainwash the students, but to torture them as well. When fate and a cryptic prediction from the Sorting Hat provide Ginny with the means to help Harry, she winds up on the run from the Ministry as she races against the Death Eaters to make it to Harry's side. This is a DH AU telling the story of a brave and crafty underage witch and the tasks she must carry out to help her family, friends, and the man she loves.
Post-HBP, AU, alternate DH at Hogwarts, PG-13
T, PG-13, 15+
Chapters: 3, WIP
Words: 15,215
Last Updated: 1/3/08

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Harry Potter and Fate's Debt by intromit
Eleven year old Harry Potter is waiting to leave for Hogwarts. While he is waiting for the Dursleys to wake, he finds a letter addressed to him...from himself. It has a simple message: Get to know Ginny Weasley.
AU, retelling of canon, H/G mental bond, PG-13
Chapters: 24, WIP
Words: 224,842
Last Updated: 10/12/08

Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past by Viridian
The War is over and Voldemort is finally dead. Too bad there's no one left to celebrate. Harry risks everything, even returning Voldemort to life, for a chance to go back and do it right this time.
AU, retelling of canon, time travel, PG-13
T, Teens, Adult Only
Chapters: 37, WIP
Words: 357,635
Last Updated: 10/20/08

Harry Potter and the Veil of Shadows by elathin
Moving on, strange dreams, mysterious newcomers, Death Eaters, the Veil of Shadows, and a little bit of life, laughter and love. Join Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione for their last year at Hogwarts - and the first year of the rest of their lives as they learn that just because Voldemort's gone doesn't mean life's going to be easy!
Post-DH, Bonded!Harry and Ginny, canon ships, R
M, Mature
Chapters: 24, WIP
Words: 201,228
Last Updated: 2/1/09

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Letters by little0bird
A series of letters between different characters, set during books 1 through 7 and beyond.
Post-DH, Next Gen, T
(All of little0bird's stories are set in the same universe.)
Chapters: 23, WIP
Words: 33,279
Last Updated: 12/12/08

The Lost Tower: The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Chatmandu
A tower is symbolic of intellectual isolation and metaphysical innocence. 11 year old Ginny Weasley is not aware of either meaning as she finds herself at the heart of a struggle for the Wizarding world’s very soul.
AU, retelling of canon starting in CoS, superpowered!Harry, PG-13
Chapters: 7, WIP
Words: 93,938
Last Updated: 1/29/09

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Meddle by melkior
If a greater force chooses to meddle with the chain of events we thought was final there is no telling what could happen. Things may change more than thought possible.
AU, retelling of canon, H/G mental bond, R
Part of the Meddle series
Chapters: 11, WIP
Words: 45,481
Last Updated: 1/12/08

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The Prodigal Daughter by iluvfanfics
Four years ago, Ginny Weasley left England to find herself. Now she's back and with a few surprises. Four years ago, Harry Potter let Ginny walk away without telling her the truth. Will he be able to be honest with her this time? Can they be friends again...or something more?
AU, superpowered!Harry and superpowered!Ginny, Post-War, Post-Hogwarts, RA
R, M
Chapters: 20, WIP
Words: 282,525
Last Updated: 2/14/08

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Questions and Answers by little0bird
When the past and present collide with the Potter/Weasley children...
Next Gen, Post-DH, next gen canon ships (Teddy/Victoire) and some (hinted) Scorpius/Lilly, Gyffindor!Scorpius, T
(All of little0bird's stories are set in the same universe.)
Chapters: 47, WIP
Words: 192,068
Last Updated: 2/9/09

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Soul Nexus by JadeSeraph
The events following Harry Potter's second year didn't quite turn out as well as they should have. Ginny Weasley, in fact, was not all right, and she pushed away everyone and everything that was important to her in her guilt and depression. But then, someone she never expected walks into her head (quite literally) and changes her life forever.
AU, retelling of canon, H/G mental bond, PG-13
Chapters: 20, WIP
Words: 213,646
Last Updated: 8/28/08

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Vires, Veneratio, Diligo; part I by elathin
Because every now and again, something that isn't supposed to happen... does. Every now and again it turns out that Fate is paying attention. And sometimes, just sometimes, She even listens. There are times, after all, when Fate just owes you one, and wishes do come true.
AU, retelling of canon, R
T, Mature
Chapters: 5, WIP
Words: 15,435
Last Updated: 2/17/09

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Harry/Ginny Fics on the Completed Reads List

Titles are color-coded by category.

Need by iluvfanfics:
Seeking the Silver by hgfan1111:
When Harry Met Ginny... by Pooky:
Saving Harry by The Seeker:
Easier To Be by hgfan1111:
Learning To Fly by hgfan1111:
Backward With Purpose by Deadwoodpecker:
Firewhiskey Advice by little0bird:
Lilies in Autumn by little0bird:
Making Mistakes by little0bird:
With My Body by little0bird:

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Harry/Ginny Fics No Longer Being Followed

The fics on this list are ones that I'm not as interested in reading as I was when I discovered them. This doesn't mean I'm completely done with them; I'll probably come back and read them later.
Titles are color-coded by category.

All I've Waited For by scatter:
Curse Breakers: the Maya by Jonathan Avery:
Echoes of Power, Part 1: Anger by moshpit:
Family Inseparable by Musings of Apathy:
Harry Potter and the Magic of Merlin by GeekUSA:
Harry Potter and the Prophesized Six by bengpotter31:
The Hog's Head by MyGinevra:
Meaning of One, Part Two: Chambers and Secrets by Sorvan:
More than an Epilogue by TomBombadil:
Normalcy by notadryeeye:
Of Hearts and Heroes by emmilyne:
That Muted Sort of Longing by serendipity:
A Change of Heart by melkior:

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