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[info]brimac13 wrote
on December 6th, 2007 at 01:52 pm

The Most Significant of Others

Title: The Most Significant of Others
Author: [info]brimac13
Rating: Not Naughty
Characters/Pairings: Spinelli, Georgie, Lulu, Felcia, Spinelli/Georgie, allusion to Lulu/Johnny
Spoilers: No actual episodes; just that one awful rumor.
Summary: Spinelli does not understand grief.
Word Count: 431, according to Word.
Disclaimer: General Hospital isn’t mine; if it was Guza would’ve been fired by now.

The Most Significant of Others

After the Faithful Friend and Dispenser of Wisdom is found in the park, another victim of the Port Charles Strangler, Spinelli feels lost. He doesn’t quite understand why he feels lost; he just does. At first, that is, then he gets angry. Angrier than he can remember being, and that confuses him further.

He has never met the Mother of the Faithful Friend, but when he does, he immediately recognizes the Faithful Friend’s spirit in her—in her kindness, in her smile. Every time he looks at her, he feels a strange, painful nostalgia clinging to his heart. And he still doesn’t understand it.

Speaking with the Blonde One after the Faithful Friend’s funeral is enlightening in the most confusing way. Somehow the conversation twists from grief over a mutual friend (though the Faithful Friend was more of a friend to Spinelli than to the Blonde One given her history with the Blonde One—a history Spinelli never likes to dwell on his limited knowledge thereof) to missed opportunities and the Blonde One reveals the Faithful Friend’s hidden and, horribly, unrequited and unmentioned feelings towards Spinelli. Of course, after dropping that bomb, the Blonde One says something about missed opportunities, only this time in reference to the Progeny of the Unhinged One and rushes off. For once, Spinelli cannot find it in himself to be worried about her.

The Faithful Friend’s feelings sit heavy on his mind for the next few days. He does not understand it. The Faithful Friend was beautiful and smart and kind, how could she find anything so worthwhile in the Jackal? He returns to his not-quite-favorite beverage of choice—orange soda and vodka—and thinks on it. And when he tumbles home to Casa de Stonecold, he tries to explain to an annoyed Stonecold the depth of the loss and his complete stupidity in his monumental obliviousness. Stonecold doesn’t understand a word of it—either Spinelli didn’t phrase it correctly or it was too slurred to be intelligible (the next morning, his head pounding and stomach churning, he goes with the second option). Stonecold sends him to sleep in the lamentably pink room.

That night, Spinelli dreams of missed chances, of shining brown eyes and soft hair that could be either blonde or brown, of the warmest looks and warmest, softest lips. In his dreams he doesn’t call her Faithful Friend, he calls her the Most Significant of Others, to which she smiles, puts her arms around his neck, and replies that he is also her most significant of others just before her lips touch his.

End Notes: The Spinelli Translator (of course, if you can’t speak Spinelli, you probably wouldn’t be a fan of his and reading this fic, would you?)
The Faithful Friend and Dispenser of Wisdom = Georgie Jones
The Mother of the Faithful Friend = Felicia Scorpio Jones
The Blonde One = Lulu Spencer
Stonecold = Jason Morgan
Casa de Stonecold = Jason’s apartment/condo
The Progeny of the Unhinged One = Johnny Zacchara

(I couldn’t remember what Spinelli called Johnny and the on-line Spinelli-ator is atrociously deficient, so I just made up a reasonably Spinelli-esque moniker. Unless that is what Spinelli calls him...)

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